TOEFL Do's and Dont's

1. You can ask for the volume of the cassette to be adjusted at the beginning of the test administration, but remember that it is unlikely that all test-takers will be pleased.
2. Listen to the instructions carefully. The cassette will explain how to complete the personal data sheet and how to mark your answer sheet. It is important that you follow these instructions.
3. If you need to erase, do so thoroughly using a clean eraser.
4. Work quickly through the easy item. Be sure to skip a space on the answer sheet when you skip a difficult item. After you answer the easy items, return to the ones you skipped.
5. A light check mark on your answer sheet by any item you wish to recheck should be carefully erased before the end of the test.
6. If you finish one of the sections early, go back through only that section to double check your answers. Do not work on any other section of the test. This is not permitted. If you are caught working on the wrong section, your test will be invalidated.
7. Be prepare for changes. Occasionally a TOEFL test has a change in format or more items to answer in a longer period of time.
8. Answer all questions; however, do not waste time on difficult items. If you think one of two answers is correct, choose one and go on. If you don't know, then you should guess. You are not penalized for guessing, and your guess may be correct.
9. If you see that the time is almost finished and you can't read and answer all the remaining items, choose A, B, C, or D as your guess letter and quickly answer the items with that one letter. You are more likely to get some correct answers if you use one letter than if you use them all.


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