What is TOEFL?

There are several international tests or entrance exams that the graduate students take every year on the hopes of getting into a standard University abroad. Like GRE, IELTS, TOEFL is an entrance exam that gains the student permission to enter a University evaluated by his/her talent through the passing of exam. TOEFL is Test Of English as Foreign Language. It tests the English skills of a candidate and qualifies the candidate for survival in the English based countries like USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. USA and UK are the countries that rely more on TOEFL, while countries like New Zealand, Australia and Canada give preference to IELTS. The Universities that approve the TOEFL based entrance exams list can be found in http://www.ets.org/Media/Tests/TOEFL/pdf/univo708.pdf. 

 There are about 165 countries with 4,500 TOEFL test centers all over the world. So TOEFL has a wide

10 Best TOEFL Books for TOEFL Preparations

  1. TOEFL Book 1 - Kaplan TOEFL iBT with CD-ROM 2008-2009 (Paperback)
The Kaplan is the best book for students who want a comprehensive preparation strategy. One can buy this book to refresh one’s ability in the English language training. It comes with CDs for a complete preparation.
  1. TOEFL Book 2 – Princeton Review’s Cracking the TOEFL IBT with Audio CD, 2009 Edition (College Test Prep) (Paperback)

TOEFL Exercises and TOEFL Sample Writing Topics

Reading Comprehension:
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TOEFL Online Course Reviews

TestDEN TOEFL Trainer Online Course
The TOEFL is a challenging exam that requires at least 3-6 months preparation that is thorough and effective. In addition to books and sample tests, one can buy online courses to prepare properly. One such good TOEFL preparation course that is offered online is the TestDEN Trainer Online Course.
The course costs $69 for a 60 day preparation period to the site. During this 60 day period, one has access to,

The TOEFL Listening Section

The listening section comes right after the reading section, so it is the second task in the exam. This section tests the candidate’s ability to understand spoken english that is especially spoken in an academic setting. A good score on this section shows that the candidate, if awarded a seat in the university, would be able to listen to the classes clearly and understand the lessons. In this section, the candidate is tested for

TOEFL Test Dates (City Wise - M-W)

iBTSat., Nov 12, 2011
Sat., Dec 10, 2011

iBTSun., Nov 13, 2011
Sun., Nov 20, 2011
Sat., Nov 26, 2011
Sat., Dec 10, 2011
Sun., Dec 11, 2011
Sun., Dec 18, 2011