Preparing for TOEFL

The preparation for TOEFL can be made simple and easy with the help of the following network links to access a spectrum of information and practice papers for the examination. as per the official website of TOEFL Following few links will help to understand the basic framework required to plan out the strategy for examination.

Practice budgeting your time. The TOEFL test is taken under time-limit pressures. Learn to use your time wisely so that you can complete each section.

Identify your problem areas. Concentrate on those areas, but review other areas as well.

Work well on vocabulary trying to understand American and British english at same pace.Learn few words of Vocabulary daily.

Know your goal. Write to the administration office of the college or university of your choice, and ask for their entrance requirements. They will confirm what TOEFL score is required for admission.

Check yourself on the Practice Tests to discover if you usually change correct answers to incorrect answers when unsure of an item.

If you do change correct answers to incorrect answers, you will want to stay with your first choice when you take the TOEFL test.


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