TOEFL Essentials

1. If you do not have a sound basic knowledge of English, it is best to take English language courses before taking a TOEFL preparation course. TOEFL exam preparation materials are designed to prepare you for the test. They are not designed to teach you English.

2. Begin your studies as soon as you decide to take the exam. It will not be useful to try to learn everything the week before the exam date.

3. Thoroughly learning a small amount of information daily is better than insufficiently or inaccurately learning a large amount of information at one sitting.

4. Listening to a movie or radio program in English is good for building your listening comprehension skills. Systematically add new words to your vocabulary. Even though these activities are not directly related to the TOEFL test, they will help you.

5. Work carefully through the exercise in preparation for the TOEFL Test. It is better to concentrate the most effort on your weak areas.


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