13 Books for TOEFL Preparation

There are many TOEFL preparation books that are available for purchase either online or at a store nearby. But not all of them are the best books. Apart from the most popular books for the exam like the Kaplan’s and Princeton Review’s, there are other books that include a lot of exercises and sample tests. Some of them that will help greatly in your exam preparation are,
  1. Preparation for the TOEFL: Software User’s Manual by Grace Y.Q Zhong, Patricia Noble Sullivan. This book is a bestseller, written perfectly for the foreign students who aspire to study in the best colleges.
  2. Preparation for the TOEFL by Patricia Noble Sullivan and Grace Y.Q. Zhong. This popular book comes with two audio CDs for the listening section.
  3. Preparation for the TOEFL by Patricia Noble Sullivan and Grace Y.Q. Zhong, 7th edition. The book has many practice tests with solutions and explanations for effective preparation. Also includes essays and tips to write them.
  4. TOEFL Reading and Vocabulary workbook by Karen Davy and Elizabeth Davy. The book comes with many exercises for extensive practice for the candidates. It is especially good for reading comprehension exercises as it contains many full length sample exercises for the reading section. Vocabulary exercises are also included.
  5. TOEFL Strategies by Eli Hinkel and Eli Hunkel. This book contains all the tips and tricks one would need to ace the TOEFL exam with considerable ease.
  6. Advanced Practice for the TOEFL by Michael A. Pyle. The book comes with an audio CD for practice in all the sections, including the listening and speaking exercises.
  7. Barron’s How to Prepare for the TOEFL Course by Pamela Sharpe. The entire range of Barron books are extremely popular. They have the best material and this book comes with an audio CD too!
  8. Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL test by Jolene Gear. It has comprehensive exercises that make the book useful for both classroom study as well as individual study. It helps in building the language skills from the foundations and further test taking strategies.
  9. Arco TOEFL Supercourse by Patricia Noble Sullivan and Grace Y.Q. Zhong is a unique book that consists of all that you need to prepare for the TOEFL thoroughly. It consists of lessons, exercises, vocabulary lists and even sample tests.
  10. Best Test Preparation for the new TOEFL by Richard X. Bailey is a book that has all the latest test exercises and concepts. It comes with audio cassettes too, for the listening section practice.
  11. Barron’s Practice Exercises for the TOEFL Test by Pamela J. Sharpe contains all the exercises corresponding to each section and their solutions with explanations. It is ideal for revision after study.
  12. Cliff’s TOEFL Preparation Guide by Jerry Bobrow, William A. Covino is another smart book that contains all TOEFL essentials. It also comes with 2 CDs for practice tests.
  13. A Complete Guide to TOEFL by Bruce Rogers is a good book that covers all sections for effective preparation.


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