Books for the TOEFL Test

A lot of research is put into choosing the best books for the TOEFL examination every year. College students, teachers and applicants are asked to determine what they think is the best book for the preparation of this exam. However, there is no best book, as many books have valuable content and lots of sample papers for effective preparation of this test. From simple grammar books and essay books to advanced science journals, students should be equipped with every thing to ace the examination. Some good books for TOEFL preparation are, The New Complete Guide to the TOEFL test which is priced at $84. Other books that are worth mention are the entire range of Northstar books that include, the Northstar Building skills for the TOEFL iBT, high-intermediate which is $37, the Northstar Building skills for the TOEFL iBT Advanced, priced at $38, the Northstar Building skills for the TOEFL iBT intermediate, which is $40.
To Raise your Test Scores

Four simple things are needed to raise your test scores and they are, lots of time to prepare well, motivation to put in your best efforts, good preparation material and many sample tests. All these factors, in equal proportion are required to effectively raise your TOEFL test scores by a great extent.

Time and Motivation

The average time needed to prepare for the TOEFL exam is about 3 months. It is easy to calculate precisely how much time an individual needs by first gathering all the books and material and secondly taking a diagnostic test. Depending on the results, you can decide how much longer or shorter your test prep duration should be. A maximum of 6 months should be taken as a time limit as any period more than that would be too lengthy and time consuming.

Best TOEFL Review Books
Some of the good books for TOEFL review are, Barron’s, Cambridge and the Lingua TOEFL Insider. The Delta’s key to the TOEFL test is a good book too, which has a separate audio section that must be bought along with the book. There are some companies that manufacture software that simulates real-time test conditions in your home pc. Taking these tests will make you prepared for the real test. These CDs can be bought online or at famous bookstores nearby or some can even be downloaded for free.

TOEFL Sample Tests

Practice tests and sample papers are provided by the ETS’s TOEFL test preparation kit. Some other books that are already listed above contain audio and interactive CDs that have similar tests. These books can be purchased online or at stores. It is crucial to take all the ETS exams as these will be as similar to the actual test as possible. Other sample tests also will help in boosting confidence and bringing an increase in the scores.


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