The TOEFL Speaking Section

The speaking section follows the 10 minute break. This section is used to estimate the candidate’s oral English skills. In this section, the candidate is required to speak the answers to the questions asked. There will be six tasks which are divided into the following types: two Independent speaking tasks and four Integrated speaking tasks. The following factors are used to grade the candidate’s speaking skills.

1. Ability to deliver appropriate oral responses to the questions.
2. Active participation in academic type discussions
3. Clear responses and participation in everyday conversations.
4. Ability to state clear opinions related to the topics.
5. Summarize and repeat any information that is read or heard.
6. Communicate with officials inside college campus.
How to Score Higher on the Speaking Section:
Vocabulary Building: Learn new words with their meanings and try to incorporate these into speaking practice everyday. This kind of exercise will help you use new words in the speaking section. A good vocabulary will help you score higher.
Practice Speaking: Try to speak as much as possible in English so you can improve your fluency. Practice in such a way that you should not stop if you think you have made a mistake but instead go on as if you haven’t. This will make the examiner think you have confidence in yourself. Try talking to a native English speaker, and if you cannot, try talking to yourself in a mirror. Try to talk your thoughts aloud as during the speaking section, you will be given only a minute to speak and there will be no time to think.
Thinking in English: Avoiding translation saves a lot of time, so practice thinking in English. Use verbs and phrases effectively with confidence. Remember words like, thus, therefore, hereby I conclude and so on.
Improve your Fluency: Keep listening to the audio material and try watching American movies listening closely to the way the actors speak. Try to repeat the dialogues aloud as it will help increase your fluency but do not try to copy their accent as examiners don’t grade the speaking section based on the accent.
Correct Grammar: Learn all parts of grammar well. Do not hesitate to buy some basic grammar books or borrow them from kids in your neighborhood for a couple of days and learn all the idioms, phrasal verbs, tenses and parts of speech effectively. This will not only help in the speaking section alone, but also in the other sections.
Speech Organization: Try to practice speaking in a particular format. While you listen to the question, make note of all the important points that you are going to speak about and speak them clearly. Give small pauses in between sentences and do not rush up. Try to sound natural and not like you are reading from your notes. All the organization should be done in 15 seconds, so practice doing this at home so you will be comfortable doing it during the exam.


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